Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before I Fly

I have spent the entirety of my evening laundrying and librarying and now I need to be PACKING but that comes naturally after BLOGGING. But this will be short, because… well, the packing! It needs to be done!

Packing, Val? Yes, PACKING, virtual blogging world, who now thinks I’m crazy for essentially talking to myself. Packing because I’m hitting the road tomorrow to Houston so I can catch a flight on Friday morning out to the Valley of the Sun, where you just didn’t think it could get any hotter but OH YES, it just did: PHOENIX! Ginger and I will be having ourselves a good old “Love Actually”-style reunion at the airport, I am sure. (Except with less cheek-kissing and more sidehugging.)

So Joey and I were recently discussing which celebrities we would hang out with if we could. Our “posses,” if you will. In Joey’s words, “The two main criteria in choosing your celebrity posse are: (a) you think you could be real friends and (b) all the members of your posse should be able to get along with each other.” I’m woefully late in posting my choices, but here they are nonetheless:

Kristen Bell
: She is hilarious in real life and just very spunky and quick-witted and all around awesome. Check out this video of her and Piz (aka Chris Lowell) “interviewing” each other and just generally being really down-to-earth and again, hilarious.

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd: Because they just go together. They are a set. Billy and Dom are completely clever and hysterical, and they are just about my favorite thing about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Watching them in the behind-the-scenes footage and listening to them on the movie commentary really just… makes my life. I mean really:

Plus, Billy and I share the same birthday! We'd just be all flying around the world, having more champagne, because it'd be the 28th again.

Jimmy Fallon: Again with the hilarity. But I just can’t help it! He makes me absolutely giggle, and also seems really just…normal. His impressions are genius and I just find him to be all around wonderful.

This posse would go really well together, because everyone would just be cracking everybody else up, but without being all “stand up” about it. It’d just be all natural and chill, with the occasional Jimmy Stewart impression from Jimmy or prank call from Dom. You just can’t beat it.

And hey- don't go thinking I just picked my favorites actors and actresses and called it a posse! Respect the sanctity of my thought process, people. I mean, do you see Kate Winslet or Rachel McAdams or Ryan Reynolds or Lauren Graham or John Kraskinski up there? No. They didn't flow with my posse. But also: Krasinski just got engaged and I'm still a little miffed with him, so no way does that kid get to roll with us.

Okay, well I guess that’s about it, then! I need to keep moving or I will never get all my little three-ounce bottles into a clear plastic Ziploc.

I now leave you with my very own GUEST BLOG that I was so flattered to be asked to contribute to Katie while she is away in Europe. I wrote up a little something-something about Veronica Mars, so if you get a minute, I’d be honored if you’d head over to read it! Just trying to spread the V. Mars love around!

Veronica: If I ever die, do me a favor. Go on Oprah and tell the world that I loved kittens.


Ginger said...

I have room for you AND your posse. Feel free to fit at least the hobbits in your suitcase... K Bell should fit in your carry-on.

Prosso said...

I really like this list. Fallon is especially exciting to me because I think that he is kind of friends with Steve Martin, who is one of my favorites. K Bell, as always, has the key to my heart.