Monday, December 27, 2010


I could start this off by mentioning that we went through December faster than my family can go through a bag of Fritos... but decided you probably experienced your own holiday blitz/bliss.
This year was a fabulous mixture of new traditions and old. The weekend before Christmas we celebrated with D's family. It was two straight days of games, food, and gifts. I am so blessed to now have TWO families to celebrate with! We had a fabulous time and would all highly recommend the game "Buzz Word" to anyone searching for a new game. I joined in on the family attire and received my first piece of Ohio State gear. I'm proudly rocking it today.
I did make cookies with a friend who is also new to her neighborhood. We made our deliveries and both found success with project "meet the neighbors." I met people in 6 of the 8 houses on my street and ended up receiving return gifts of banana cookies, homemade salsa, and brownie bites. D informed me that this was the first year he has ever received something from his neighbors of two years. I think we've only cracked the ice on this "knowing your neighbors" thing and I am VERY excited about it.
At the advice of several friends, D and I made sure to take a day to try and establish our "own" Christmas. We had great intentions for December 22nd. We made an altered version of our waffle recipe (flour is the same as Bisquick, right?), read from an Advent devotion book, spent a few hours trying to return our yard to the green-less rock pile intended by the builders (I think I pulled a weed that was a foot tall), packed for Texas, payed bills, went out to eat Italian food, watched some Friday Night Lights, exchanged gifts with each other, and read "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" aloud. It was a special first Christmas with our little tree, weeding, Luke 2, the Dillon Panthers, and Aslan.
We flew to Texas on the 23rd and had a whirlwind weekend with my family. Highlights included:
-The Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet
-Playing: Scattergories, Pit, Racko, Buzz Word, Funglish, and What's Yours' Like?
-Watching Home Movies (Husband of the Year goes to...)
-Time with Cousins and Grandparents
-Honey Baked Ham, Peppermint Cheesecake, Ribs, Egg Casserole, Brie En Croute, Fancy Grilled Cheese :)
-Showing D A Christmas Story for the FIRST TIME!
-Watching Clay view the Cardinals/Cowboys game (as he pulled out his hair.)
-Watching Val receive her present from my folks...

-Having someone to fly with (I don't think this will ever get old.)
-Reading "Imperfect Birds" by Anne Lamott
-Singing "Silent Night" by candlelight with my husband and family in church and feeling as if my heart would burst.

I am so thankful for the many gifts of this season and for the King who has come!


SKMorbys said...

SO thankful for YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love having someone to fly with too! Isn't it wonderful?!

I also love the Val-squeal. So precious.

~lady j said...

"It was a special first Christmas with our little tree, weeding, Luke 2, the Dillon Panthers, and Aslan."

Like. :)

Merry first married Christmas! I'm so glad it was awesome.

Brent said...

Merry Christmas. And Val's face at the end of that video is PRICELESS.