Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can I Root For the Dillon Panthers?

Unless the Cowboys or the Longhorns are playing, I don't really know who to root for. I've gone through Super Bowls where I've been the champion of "just watching for the commercials." One of my college professors offered extra credit in his class if his team won the big game, so that made my team pick easier that year. I've cheered for the Bears because some of their players went to my alma mater, or for other teams because they've had a good story.

I don't know who to root for tonight.

BUT I do know that I am capable of getting caught up in the drama of a football game- if Matt Saracen is playing quarterback or if Gerry Bertier is leading the team. In fact, just this afternoon I was watching an episode of "Friday Night Lights" over lunch, not able to tear my eyes away from a football scrimmage when Smash was trying out for the Texas A&M football team, watching every pass and play with vivid interest. That's how I know that I CAN get wrapped up in a game: when I know the stories of the team and the players that are participating.

That's where you come in (if you see this before tonight).

Steelers or Packers? Who has the better story?

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Ginger said...

Don't get too far into season 3 and we can all watch together! Wait. You're you. I'm sure you are all for watching again. :) P.S. SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS.