Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phoenix Smile

My trip to Arizona was an absolute blast! I ate too much good amazing food, did more than my fair share of laughing, and spent some sweet time with David, Ginger, and many other Phoenixians. (Phoenicians? Phoenixites? Hmm.)

Anyway, instead of being boring and continuing to just...type about it, here: have a video.


my name is carey! said...

What ice cream shop is that? Sugar Shack, Mary Coyles?

Ginger said...

@Carey - Mary Coyles for the win! :)

Ginger said...

@Val - Love the video! :)

Julia said...

Val! Love it. What a perfect way to retell the visit.

Been to that farm for breakfast. Thanks for the re-visit.

xoxo, Julia (Another Texas mother of a now Arizona daughter)