Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing Gene

I'm drape deficient. I don't have any hanging in my house and I just can't seem to get excited to start. We were lucky to get paint on the walls. But after cleaning the blinds and surveying the situation, we've both decided it's time to get something over the windows. We have dark blinds that keep out the morning sun, but they aren't very pretty. (If you speak drapery, please put on your creative thinking and dreaming for the following.)

The challenges:
Three windows
Green walls, white bedding
The accent color we are considering is khaki/tan/burlap
I am under guidelines to stay away from floral

So please... I know that this is speaking to somewhere out there. Hunt for some photos, post some links, make some suggestions, and help a girl out! (P.S. Although I know how to sew I do not have a sewing machine.) Thanks and all that jazz.


Megan Bates said...

My honest advice: call Carrie Langemeier. She speaks this language!!

ASC said...

If you Google drop cloth curtains and burlap curtains, there are a ton of neat, simple ideas that require no sewing (although may require stitch witch or hot glue - that I may almost be able to handle)...cute, simple stuff...

Jenn @ Spejory said...

I am seeing tan/cream stripes for the drapes with some tan/cream/khaki pillows tossed on the bed.

Ginger said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I so appreciate it. :)