Friday, February 3, 2012

Double Juggle

I am so sorry to break it to you, but all of your previous parties have been missing one very important element.

What's that? Unicorns flying over rainbows and high-fiving as the song from "Space Jam" plays?

Yes. That, AND:

Two-person juggling!

(I'll wait for your BLOWN MIND to reassemble itself.)

Well. I think it must be your lucky day, because my own two-person-juggling-lesson-while-partying was caught on (a very short) video.

(Unicorns not included.)

You're welcome. And yes, I'm awful slash still learning--but that was fun.

Everyday I'm jugglin', y'all.

Rimshot? Maybe? No?

Well, this is awkward...

1 comment:

SKMorbys said...

Thank you for making me smile this morning!