Monday, January 26, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

Why post about trying on some clothes and shopping over the Interwebs?

So glad you asked.

This is my 3rd foray into utilizing an online personal stylist through Stitch Fix. When I first discovered Stitch Fix through social media, I was intrigued. I've never really liked shopping. I'm an impulsive shopper - as long as something marginally fits, I buy it, sometimes in three colors. The idea that someone else might do the hard work for me and stick it in the mail for me to discover on my doorstep sounded like Christmas. Mail on my doorstep always makes me smile!

For those of you who aren't familiar, here's the scoop on how to schedule a Fix.

1. Create your style profile.
2. Pay $20 styling fee toward your box. (You can use toward your final order – any of the 5 products you keep!)
3. Schedule your box.
4. Open you box and try on the clothes. Take awkward photos in the backyard (trying not to freeze in January) and send to your friends and family members. (Each item also comes with styling tips on how to best wear the products.)
5. Once the box arrives you have 3 days to decide what you are keeping and what you are returning. The returns are all free and super easy: drop the prepaid envelope in any USPS box.

I blogged about my first box over on my other website. Check out this link to see how my first box was a win and this one to read about fix number two.

I was pretty pleased with my box this go around. I scheduled my fix to come the week of my birthday. I had a credit that covered my styling fee and still left room for a little discount if I ended up keeping something. I was very careful to be detailed in my notes to my stylist this time. My husband and I are planning a beach trip to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year, so I was looking for a few fun items to take with us. My husband reassures me that I don't have to dress like a nun ALL of the time.

I opened my box and here's what I found.

1. The LINE BACKER SHIRT. In theory, this could have been a great selection. I also hinted to my stylist that I wanted some casual tops to wear with skinnies and ankle boots. The front is interesting enough on this shirt, but everyone agreed: this does nothing for my shoulders. RETURN.

2. The COLOR BLOCK TOP. I liked this one as soon as I put it on. My husband wasn't convinced, but everyone else in my life reassured me it was a keeper. So... I KEPT IT.

3. The SASSY SWEATER. When I opened the box my first thought was, "I am not going to like this shirt." But then I put it on. Although I would not ordinarily try on a pattern like this, I was glad to have a new perspective shopping in the future... if I ever do that again. (Tell me why I want to leave the house?) I was on the fence with this one but some angles in pictures made me look like I was pregnant. (That could have actually been my stomach but we are going to choose to blame the shirt.) RETURN.

4. The SECTIONAL DRESS. This one is cute and confusing. I liked the fabric of the skirt, but the material on the top just felt so cheap. This dress was NOT CHEAP, so why buy something that feels cheap? Although cute, I didn't think it did much for my coloring. RETURN.

5. THE RED DRESS. I think David was initially surprised when I wanted to keep it. (Surprised and thrilled.) I'm ordinarily so conservative with clothing, and I"m not about to go crazy here, but I just really liked this dress. I felt great it in it and I'm looking forward to celebrating a night out on our anniversary trip. I KEPT IT.

So why post about trying on some clothes and shopping over the Interwebs? 

Every time I post I share my referral number. If anyone uses my number to set up their first fix, I get a credit. So far I have been able to cover all of my styling fees through said credit. AWESOME. So pull through for me, Internet. I know that you, like me, wonder what a stylist might send in that little white box. You long for a little box of happy to show up on your doorstep, I know you do. ;)

Here's my referral code, make me proud.


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Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVE the two you kept!!! You are ROCKING that red dress!!! Love me some Stitch Fix and some Ging!