Thursday, August 16, 2007

Conflict Resolution

I've always tended to run from conflict and confrontation. But sometimes you've got to just stop and fight.

At some point when I was little I remember my dad telling me that if a boy ever hit me that I had permission to kill him. I didn't really take much notice of that freedom until much later.

I got these pencil toppers in 5th grade. A set of 4 different troll doll pencil toppers...really lovely as troll dolls tend to be. Each with colored hair and completely unattractive. I gave one to Kelly, one to Tara, and one to Sara. At the end of the day I walked in on Jeff trying to steal Sara's troll doll. He shoved her and made her fall on the ground. Her skirt flew up and she was humiliated. He had also managed to take the troll doll. I walked right up to him and asked for the troll doll back. I don't remember what exactly happened next, but I do know that Jeff pushed me. I looked him right in the face and let him know the situation.

"My dad said that if a boy ever hit me that I could kill him."

So I reeled back with my orange igloo lunchbox...and decked him on the side of the head.

Jeff never messed with me again. I wish all conflict resolution was this simple.

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