Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What am I, German?

On the first day of 8th grade I wore white socks and sandals. I confess. I wish I had the picture and could scan it in. Black granola sandals, white socks (not ankle, but maybe calf length), black short-overalls, and a pink polo shirt. Please add to that equation braces, a home perm, and glasses. The picture is amazing.

The most alarming part is not the black denim jort overalls, but the socks and the sandals. I would like to plead the 11th. The 11th is the 11 straight years that I spent in the parochial school system with the same 20 people in my class. As part of our dress code we could not wear t-shirts, holes in our jeans, sweat pants, or shoes without socks. Who can blame a girl for wanting to wear sandals on her first day of 8th grade?

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