Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday Night

For the longest time I thought that I would want to name my first daughter McKayla, after Dr. McKayla Quinn, Medicine Woman. I loved watching Dr. Quinn on Saturday nights. I think I watched every season of that show.

I have a great city library that has an excellent movie collection. The collection includes all of the seasons of Dr. Quinn. For some reason I just can't bring myself to check them out. I think I'm afraid that I will be dreadfully disappointed this time around. It's probably better to just leave them as they remain in my memory.

So now, I come home on a Saturday evening hoping for something as equally entertaining. Alas, I am consistently unimpressed. Why is "48 Hours Mystery" still on the air, and why choose Saturday nights as the air time? I don't want to watch the "E - True Hollywood Story" of Rock and Roll wives. No thank you. Is it time for a Saturday Night Live rerun yet?


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