Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Orphan Annie

Confession: I just squeezed chocolate syrup straight into my mouth. Good thing no one else eats any of my food. I'm listening to the soundtrack of "Oklahoma" in my one-bedroom apartment having just swallowed a mouthful of chocolate syrup. I'm listening to "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" debating whether to wash my hair and chiding myself for digesting chocolate right after a trip to the gym.

So the real confession isn't actually the previous paragraph, it includes the entire day. I have the oddest days. Today included a lunch meeting with 7 other employees, all who are married. 15 minutes of the conversation was confined to whether or not they had gotten to eat at their wedding receptions. I didn't mind it at all. What I did mind was the looks and smiles and "we're boring Ginger!" (I think that exact sentence was spoken.) Granted it wasn't a thrilling topic, but I wasn't mourning my own lack of contribution to the discussion. Suddenly all faces were turned my way and nods were shared around. At that moment I was willing to bring up my views on the '08 Campaign just to get rid of the mood at the table.

So of course I had to do my very best to jump into the conversation and push through. I felt like an orphan. Not because I don't have a wedding story, but because of the looks. Those "Dearest, give the poor girl a farthing" looks. I'm not sure if you know the look, but I do. And I have a feeling I've given that look before too, obviously just not regarding my Wedding Reception. Sometimes I like to throw in the look with a "You've never been to Europe?" I love getting the look from others when I haven't seen someone's favorite movie. "YOU'VE NEVER SEEN Die Hard? Are you even an American?! Who are you?!!" Appalling isn't it? How about this one: "You've never eaten Cottage Cheese?" (I try never to put something in my mouth that looks like a Mama Bird has chewed, swallowed, and then spit back up for her little ones.)

So no - I don't have any wedding stories for my married co-workers, but I do have all of the songs from "Oklahoma" memorized. don't have them memorized?


skmorby said...

I love it when you make me laugh. And no, I don't know all the words to all the songs from "oklahoma." You're the BEST! love, mom

A. Lo said...

So what ARE your views on the '08 campaign?