Friday, November 30, 2007

Favorite Things

I didn't think I should let Oprah have all the fun. This is my list of favorite picks for Christmas gifts this year. I couldn't actually list everything that I am buying for family and friends (mostly because it's just family and friends who probably read this), but I decided to choose some gifts that you won't find on a shelf at the Mall.

So...happy shopping. I certainly don't have the money for it, so hopefully you can do your part to help the economy and I'll just be here.

1. Random Shirts from - a great little Internet company out of Texas who have helped me to clothe my teenage brother for the past few years. Right now there is free shipping for all orders over $30...and the shirts fit well and the color stays great even after several washes.

2. Uncommon gifts at - this site has so many odds and ends at every price. I wish I had tons of money to spend on these cool keepsakes. My favorite are Slang flash cards.

3. A gift for the person who makes everything into a keepsake at - You use the book to hold ticket stubs of all sizes.

4. The gift of hope to Uganda via your purchase of some gifts and the paper to wrap with at - My personal favorite are the bracelets. You can purchase one for $20 or four for $65. Every bracelet is handmade in Uganda from reed and recycled wire. Once made, each bracelet is packaged in the States and sold with a short film that tells the story of a child who has been affected by the war.

5. Find the only kitchen knife you need at - I love my Chef's knife with sharpening case. I do actually own this product. It is amazing.

6. For looking good in the kitchen I found this great apron at - it's a fun little place to look around, but a little too rich for my blood...or my wallet...either way. I would pick up this apron in a heartbeat.

7. And lastly, I don't know why there are only 7, except that I've been doing this for over 45 minutes...I really recommend the Irwin Laser Level to aid in hanging things in your walls at (or any home store).

I'm sure I can add as I think of more, but for now...happy shopping.

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