Tuesday, November 27, 2007

He Asked For a Line, Like in a Play

I know a lot of people like to use writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing. If you've been looking for some ideas, have no fear- I have a few listed below, along with my take on these delicious prompts.

Connect these images in a story or poem: “pleading knife,” “basket reciting angrily,” and “icy saucer.
I think this story begins with the part about the pleading knife and ends with somebody getting checked into rehab….

What happens when a computer malfunctions and traps about 400 people in a small department store? There is only one food store in there.
What happens when the person coming up with the writing prompts is actually a good writer?

Write from the view of a freshly scrubbed floor.
Now that sounds like a winning book idea, doesn’t it? I wonder why JK Rowling hasn’t already staked her claim on this one!

Use these words in your story: dog trainer, bills, beach, pie.
Does this not sound like the beginning to a really cheesy joke?

Why would a speaker be afraid of cats?
Do you think they are referring to a person, or a piece of sound equipment? Personally I think the latter would be more interesting….

What if you're going to write a story about deception with a male alcoholic as the main character and yellow bag as the key object? Set your story in an ice rink.
With ideas like this in the world, to borrow a line from Lorelai Gilmore, "Well, at least now I know how Snow Dogs got made."

*Special thanks to Creative Writing Prompts. Well done, you.

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Adam said...

Wow, that website is amazing, nice title quote. OK, here goes....

Honey, I need some apple PIE, my days spent being a DOG TRAINER at the BEACH, just aren't payin the BILLS.

Who needs a whole story, when you can paint such imagery with one sentence?