Monday, March 31, 2008

Domesticated Diversity

I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so Suzie Q. Homemaker. (Why the Q? Anyone know?) I helped to throw a baby shower this weekend and ended up spending most of Friday decorating and baking. I wore my apron most of Friday and even kept it on during the shower on Saturday morning. As I piled up my car with blueberry coffee cake, monkey bread, flowers, presents, prizes, cameras, and a pair of shoes to work in and one to hostess in...I began to wonder how some people just LOVE what I was doing. I did enjoy the time, but it was absolutely exhausting. I went straight from the shower to work and didn’t make it home until after 7:00pm. I threw the dishes in the sink and then crashed.

I worked until late afternoon yesterday and decided to not do my dishes or laundry, but to quickly pack up a lunch and adventure to the nearest patch of green. I sat on a blanket and enjoyed lunch by the greenway at my library. Like my father, I have a hard time staying still for long. I did manage to lie and read for the better part of an hour before even checking my watch. Lunch, a pleasant read, the bright Arizona sun all made for a lovely experience. I only feared being taken out by a stray fly from the ball fields a few times.

I went hiking this morning and then determined to make another batch of monkey bread to deliver to some dear friends. I revealed my plan and they promptly invited me for lunch. I pulled out the bunt pan and my trusty apron once more and threw the bread into bake. The cake cover rolled around in my front seat once again and I arrived at noon to enjoy chicken salad sandwiches and monkey bread in their delightfully green backyard. Motivated by their garden, I stopped at a greenhouse on the way home and picked up my own kit for enriching my bare patio. A planter of various flowers*, watering can, and a bag of miracle grow are all I have to show for my trip, but my patio is improving. I would say this is the end of my little dip into housekeeping, but I hear laundry calling. I'd better go do something drastically irresponsible and have ice cream and an orange for dinner.

*Those are my new flowers in the photo. Let's hope I can keep them alive for over 2 weeks.

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