Thursday, March 20, 2008

love list.

I love cold mini Reese's cups. I love behind the scenes featurettes and blooper reels and commentaries. I love the smell of anything on the grill or in the smoker. I love checking to see what's new on Mugglenet. I love my blue Reefs flip flops I got from Ginger. I love board games. I love cherry coke. I love trivia-- asking the questions or guessing the answers. I love sitting outside in pretty weather. I love getting non-junk mail. I love going out to eat. I love the stars. I love making lists-- of things to do, of favorite movies, of places I've been, of songs to download, of ideas, of everything in between.

I love my $10 Target sunglasses. I love working someplace that is Good. I love making homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love singing along to musicals in my car, full out as if I'm the one on stage standing in the spotlight. I love painstakingly reading my Entertainment Weekly, cover to cover. I love lying in bed and throwing the sheet up and letting it float back down on me. I love Sudoku and crossword puzzles. I love a full DVR. I love my red microwave. I love going to Agatha Christie plays and trying to guess 'whodunnit' during intermission (and I love when I'm wrong and they surprise me!).

I love going to The Beach House. I love movie montages. I love getting out the familiar Chrismas ornaments. I love Sonic. I love getting a new Netflix movie in the mail. I love seeing people be nice to strangers, like letting someone who has only two items go in front of them at the grocery store. I love Fridays. I love building and playing with campfires. I love gchat. I love that there is a park right next door to my apartment where I can go walking. I love the shuffle function on my iPod. I love a hot chai latte. I love watching Lost in complete darkness and letting myself get thoroughly creeped out. I love reading about, discussing, and predicting the Oscars.

I love white twinkle lights. I love warm, soft cinnamon rolls. I love my cool swivelly cell phone. I love knowing every word of dialogue from Gilmore Girls. I love sleeping in. I love Kid Blink, my zippy silver Elantra. I love chocolate malts. I love it when Mugglecast makes me laugh out loud while I'm working out. I love a new purse. I love keeping my giant dvd collection alphabetized. I love Original flavor Trident gum. I love everything about local fairs-- the lights, the rides, the sounds, the crazy people, the greasy foods. I love reading books that I know I already love, even if I've already read them 3, or 7, or 12 times before. I love being barefoot.

I love writing this list!

Thanks to Brandi (friend of a friend of a friend) over at On Our Way to Crazy for the idea.

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~lady j said...

i love getting out of raquetball class and swinging by house 9 right after to convince you (in about 5 seconds) to come with me to Sonic and get a cherry coke while i get an orange slushie and a chili cheese dog to balance out my aforementioned workout.

those were the days.

i miss you!