Monday, March 3, 2008

Looting and Polluting is Not the Way

You know what's scary? The idea that, at any time, you can see what other people are searching for on the internet. And they can see what you're searching for. Yeah. Freaky.

However, I have now decided that this is more fun than scary. Because have you looked at what people are searching for lately?

What's interesting is that a large number of people seem to be searching for an actual web address. So instead of searching "Oprah Winfrey New Earth book" or something, several people seem to be searching I don't understand that. Don't you already have the address? So what are you searching for?? Someone did search for " anewearth, though, so in that case... well, I guess they need all the help they can get!

Another popular search seems to be "leprechaun trap." I just don't have an answer or a reason for that one....

"Odd girl out." Tell me about it.

"Secret life of a soccer mom." If I didn't already know that was a new reality show, that search would be a whole heck of a lot more entertaining.

"US soldier throws puppy off cliff" is a popular search. Ginger, if we started writing about dead puppies, we might be able to increase traffic on our blog! You up first?

One of the searches was for "Sam Aiken." Sadly enough, my first thought really was: "So is that Clay Aiken's dad?" (Answer: No. It is not.)
"mlb 2k8 review." This is like a foreign language to me.

"Earth Liberation Front." Thought this sounded way cool, like some sort of real life Captain Planet organization! (Earth! Wind! Fire! Water! Heart!) But then I realized this was the group that torched like 5 houses today, so...yeah. Not quite as philanthropic as Captain Planet, then.
*Edit* Shortly after posting this entry, someone found this blog by searching "" Hmm... Maybe this should be our strategy to reach new readers: just string together all the common phrases that are most often searched. Or, better yet-- just mention Oprah, and I'm sure we'll be golden!

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