Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Song Before the Sun Sets*

The List. Things to Do Before I Die:

Build up a fabulous collection of board games.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Visit Charleston, SC.
Own a giant, plush, comfy reading chair.
Learn how to swing a golf club and hit the ball a respectable distance.
Make a quilt.
See the Grand Canyon.
Watch all the Academy Award Best Picture winners.
Visit Pearl Harbor.
Tie a tie.
Go to an amazing movie premiere. With actors I am a FAN of.
Learn how to keep my home clean for longer than 13.5 days.
Read the whole Bible. Cover to cover.
Learn to be a good movie reviewer. And maybe get a review published somewhere/someday.
Send more snail mail.
Visit New Zealand.
Make a Harry Potter fan out of someone who thinks the books are evil/kid's books/not worth reading.
Stand in Times Square.
Find and possibly live in a town that resembles Elmwood Springs.
Be a part of a Live Studio Audience. As in "This episode of ____ was filmed before a live studio audience."
Do something proactive about anti-smoking. Attend a rally/pass a law/make a petition/put up posters of gross lungs all over town. Something.
Ice skate outside. In the snow.
Learn more about Hearst Castle and then revisit Hearst Castle.
Ride in a fancy limo.
Write a book.
Plant a tree and watch it grow to be taller than me.
Take a ride on the London Eye.
Read all of Jane Austen's novels.
Own a house with a porch swing.
Get a professional massage. Let's just make it the whole spa experience.
Make a real, person sized snowman. Not the little miniature ones us Texans are usually forced to create.
Figure out the appeal of Flavaflav.
Visit New York at Christmas and see the giant tree at Rockefeller Center.
Dance in the street.
Dance in the rain.
Learn to dance so that I do not look ridiculous.
Convince the world to stop using "ya'll." It's "y'all."
Make an interesting/special/surprising find at an antique shop.
Visit a movie studio.
Ride a horse faster than they can be ridden on trail rides. (Dani?)
Learn sign language.
Cook more dinners than I microwave.
Visit a third world country and have my world rocked.
Attend a professional magic show.
See Mount Rushmore.
Own a pair of fanstasically amazing, crazy, fabulous, eye-catching pair of shoes. Expensive ones.
Show a family member around my old neighborhood in Oxford.
Paint a mountain landscape like Bob Ross.
Be on a boat over the very spot where the Titanic sank.
Live somewhere with a ridiculously large tree where I can hang a looooong swing from a tall branch.
Learn to Rest in the Lord.


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Katie said...

Nice. I need to make one of these.