Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper Jams and Green Beans

I’m sitting in a training meeting. I feel as if this guy is speaking in a different language while discussing quantum physics. He’s been brought in to talk about the new fancy copier/scanner that can do just about anything. He has an audience of 12 of us and I was apparently the only one shocked that this meeting would require more than 10 minutes of time. I started out listening and even followed him on clearing paper jams…but now I am obviously not learning about paper weight restrictions. That’s the last three words he said and I’m now tuning this out again. I probably look like the best student in the room. I’m the only one who looks to be taking detailed notes. I nod my head from time to time and look up. I think I’m very good at looking like I’m paying attention.

I wonder, should I feel guilty for my behavior? I don’t think so. I’ve used the copier a total of 10 times in the last year and a half. I don’t copy the bulletins or coloring sheets.

I’ve decided to let go of guilt. Granted, some guilt is healthy and brings repentance…but then again some guilt is self-imposed. Therefore, I will not feel guilty for the following:

-Not exercising every day. I’m so over this. I will not become a sloth sitting on my couch, but I will not feel personal pain over working and then going to class and then coming home and crashing. OVER IT.

-Counting down the minutes left to go in my college Spanish class. 1 hour 23 minutes and 12 seconds left in this class. 1 hour 22 minutes and 58 seconds left in this class. 1 hour 22 minutes and 39 seconds left in this class.

-Not eating the frozen banana flavored waffles that have been sitting in my freezer since November. They were purchased by a guest who has to eat gluten free food…that doesn’t me I have to.

-Staying on the couch for 3 straight hours after arriving home from work on Sundays.

-Throwing everything away. I don’t save tickets, playbills, dried flowers.

-Not throwing away every letter or card ever written to me that has more than “Happy Birthday” written on the inside.

-Having a Diet Coke…whenever I feel like it, and none of my family members in the dental field will be able to convince me otherwise.

-Not liking green beans. The End.

-Lack of knowledge regarding memorabilia. I don’t know the name of the coach, the player, the team, the lead singer, the actor, the character name, the location. Don’t know and doing just fine.

-Over capitalizing words. Sometimes I just Enjoy Emphasizing things for GOOD measure.

-Having writer’s block. It’s real and ugly and rears its head as soon as I have any sort of a creative deadline.

-Wearing clothes forever. You can nominate me for “What Not to Wear.” I don’t care.

-Indulging myself in blog entries. Who really wants to read lists...and yet...

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Erin said...

And yet, you are still Fabulous, My Dear Friend. My Not Feel Guilties... 1. Loving Chocolate even though my thighs would say otherwise. 2. Saving EVERYTHING even though my Garage... and Husband despise it. 3. Crying... A LOT, it's good for my mind. Love Ya Lady - Erin