Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And to your left.

So it's 11:40pm and I should be tired. I should be laying in bed right now. But somehow I got talked into going to Denny's after rehearsal tonight. I ordered some sort of cherry limeade, that has nothing on Sonic, and then ended up freezing... so I ordered decaf coffee... and had two cups. This was around 10:00pm. I'm pretty sure that was the stupidest decision I've made today. Hands down. I'm guessing I will start winding down by two. But I figured if I was up, I might as well be productive.

Thus - you get the tour. Welcome to Monday.

Just below you will find two of the things that get me going and out the door every morning. I'm becoming quite dependent. Currently making my way through Ephesians.

Monday is my only day off during the week (for a while at least), so I spent this morning dusting and cleaning. The parentals come in just over a week.

I meet myself coming and going these days - these little things have saved me on multiple occasions. My fabulous bag that I carry to rehearsal (Christmas present - made locally and I got to choose the fabric!) and my trail mix and Craisins.

No extra time to get to the store, and I now have a hole in my running shoes. Awesome. But that's ok, because the only running I have time for right now is running lines and songs. (Ba dum ching.)

Inspired by Julie's brave cooking escapade, I tried making a new sandwich today. Excellent bread from the grocery co-op, pesto, spinach, havarti cheese, and some leftover grilled pork. Cooking WIN! Also changed out the verse on the board. Both so good.

Made the newspaper this weekend. That's right. I'm the one with the crown and really cheesy grin. Nope, the other one. What you can't see is that they spelled my name wrong. Mobey. So close.

Ah well. Pressing on... moving forward. I think that's the end of the tour, because really - this wasn't overly interesting. Hope you guys have a blessed week!


renea mac said...

"I was in the paper... Meh, nothing overly interesting." ;)

shannonmichaelis said...

way to go, mobey! can't wait to hear how your production goes!