Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Like Romeyo and Julyet

I just found this "Children's Newspaper" I wrote when I was probably in about second grade. It's pretty professional of me, considering I not only reported all the stories, but also took on the full responsibility of page layout, fact-checking, AND drawing the reporter's (me) picture by hand.

I really like this first story. I was always being warned about the dreaded UNDERTOE when we went to the beach, so naturally this is what I am warning my readers about.

A couple weeks ago a little girl about 6 years old, went out a little to far in the ocean. The undertoe was realy bad. The little girl drounded. A couple of day's later, a boy about 20 years old went out too far. A couple of day's later, (GAH! Unnessecary morbidity alert!) the body was found. So be carful when there's bad undertoe, and don't go out too far.

Things to Know (Did I mention HEADLINE WRITER as well?)
Today kid's in Amrica are helping save the earth. Picking up paper, soda can's, bodel caps, can all be helping save are earth. Like Romeyo and Julyet (nice), he saved her, and you can save the earth. (I've always been good with analogies.) Some kids are going to school all year around. (HOW IS THIS HELPING??) That's the story. Goin us next time on the Children's new's paper!!!

I wrote following class paper in sixth grade. Enjoy, and maybe try to cut Miss Braggy McBraggerson a bit of a break here.

My Life
September 14, 1995

My life is very blessed. I was baptized September 20, 1984, shortly after I was born on August 28. Then, my dad was transferred to Plano, Texas. That was when we moved from Houston to Plano in 1985. In 1986, my mom dressed me up as a clown for my first Halloween. (An equally important life event, obviously.) Then came the day in 1987 when I started preschool at Faith.

We were all very excited on July 13, 1988 when my mother had my brother, Clayton. (She arranged to have him in the Victorian area, apparently. Seriously, what is with the akward formality?) Next, in 1989, I started ballet lessons as a beginner. In 1990, I gave up ballet (As if I were some great trained dancer or something. Seriously? I probably had about three weeks of lessons total.) and tried soccer on my first team, the Unicorns. Then in 1991, we got an invitation to go visit my great-grandmother in Young Harris, Georgia. At the end of the second grade, I fell on my bike and broke three of my fingers, leaving me in a cast for the beginning of the summer. (Totally Ginger's fault, BY THE WAY.)

In October of 1993, my family got the joy of going to Disneyworld. And then in 1994, we traveled to Colorado. During the summer of 1995 my first book was published. (When it is one out of ONE, you cannot use the word first. And the "book" was part of a writing program at the local library-- you didn't have to be Lucy Maud Montgomery to be published.)

I love my life! (And what a way to end with such a well-thought out conclusion! You say you're an author?)


Ginger said...

Too much laughing to determine which part was the best. THIS really got me... : Next, in 1989, I started ballet lessons as a beginner. In 1990, I gave up ballet. "

Sounds like me and dance...
Ginger: Mom, why didn't you keep me in dance?
Mom: Because you were not coordinated.
Ginger: Oh.

Mom will probably now comment and correct my shoddy memory.

Ah Clayton.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I keep BOTH of you in dance? The class ended. The end. Next activity?

Katie said...

Hilarious. I love that you started ballet "as a beginner" (as opposed to a prima ballerina). Brilliant insights from the mind of young Valerie.

dc said...

I've always loved your analogies. Now it I know it was a childhood gift.