Monday, August 3, 2009

Good case of the Mondays.

25 days until the folks fly in for the big show. Whoop! How has that word snuck into my vocabulary? Too many Aggies in my life. :)

Y'all, this local theatre experience has been a trip. I'd always wanted to audition, but couldn't seem to bring myself to try in East Texas. I figured Phoenix would give me a better pool to draw from. And while this is no "Midnight at the Oasis", sometimes I just need to go home and bite my pillow to keep from giggling.

It's good. Real good.

Also good, a day off. I wish I had it in me to just lounge about all day long in my pajamas. And now I realize that it is noon and I am still sitting in my pajamas with a box of corn flakes beside me on the coffee table. I'm planning on making some coffee and reading for a while before going to the gym. (Currently reading through books that I have on my shelf but have somehow never managed to read. In the third chapter of "Praying God's Word" by Beth Moore.) I have dance rehearsal tonight, but that's really the only thing on tap. I should be practicing Act 1 of the show, as it is 79 pages long and I have lines on a fair few... but I just need a small break. A small one.

Not sure why you care to know about all of this, but I'm really just typing anything that comes to my mind at this point. I reread my posts over the last 6 months and gathered that they are almost all lists. But I figure that since I don't have a child to document on my blog, that this really should be ok. I'm wondering - should I be reading any blogs that you follow? My friend Megan just recommended this blog by Katie and so far it looks to be amazing. What are your 5 go-to blogs to read? My google reader still has plenty of room. Perhaps if I broaden my reading, my writing will improve as well.

Oh, one last thing... if you didn't know by now, I'm an NPR junkie. It's on in my car most of the time. Here's a fun quiz about their radio personalities. Good luck.


******update post coffee... a chat between Val and Ginger ******

Ginger: I received 2 comp tickets for Camelot - they are yours
12:28 PM Valerie: sweet!
i actually was looking at flights this morning
12:29 PM i was hoping to do a thursday night to tuesday afternoon thing
but the thurs. night flights are more expensive than fri. morning
so it may be friday to tuesday
do those days still work for you?
12:30 PM Ginger: Oh my goodness! Yes!! I didn't think it would actually happen!
so thrilled you would come.
Valerie: but of course!
Ginger: Whoop!!
Valerie: uh.... no Aggie sounds please
Ginger: woot
Valerie: :)
12:31 PM Ginger: I really didn't think you would be able to come - that's so exciting!
Valerie: the flights i was looking at are in on friday at 9:15
12:34 PM Ginger: in the evening?
Valerie: and then leaving sometime tuesday. afternoon
nope, in the AM
Ginger: I was just trying to do the time adjustment in my head - and thought - would you leave at 5:00am?
and then
Valerie: lol
Ginger: i realized I was working backwards
Valerie: yeah, no it leaves at 8:40
12:35 PM might catch a flight as late as 4:45 on tuesday, but no later than that as that one gets in at 9:00, then i'd still have to drive back
Ginger: yeah - you don't want to be dead, that's for sure... sweet
12:36 PM Valerie: "cause living is good...and dying...not as good"
12:38 PM Ginger: :) here's what just happened in my brain: "Is that a quote from Camelot? From my scripts for Kidfest? What is that? That's a song. Did Tom Hanks say it on Conan? WHAT IS THAT FROM?"
then I typed it out so...Jerry Seinfeld right? Stand up comedy? I could hear a male voice singing haven't looked it up yet
12:44 PM Valerie: yep! thats exactly it
sorry i wasnt here, i was brushing my teeth
about to head to the dentist here in a minute!
12:46 PM Ginger: well - you have fun with that
I'm about to update my post
with the coffee disaster
Valerie: good times
Ginger: I tried to take a pic of pouring the coffee
into the creamer
for the post
but my depth perception was off
12:47 PM missed the cup
got the counter
Valerie: LOL
Ginger: made for some fun times
what do i save... the coffee... the counter, the floor, or the camera?
Valerie: CAMERA
Ginger: the camera won, of course
Valerie: lol
Ginger: i didn't even get mad... just started taking photos of the whole debacle
Valerie: gold star! so wait...why were you taking pics of the coffee in the first place?
Ginger: to have a pic to go at the end of my post
i mention going to make some coffee
Valerie: oh, haha'
way to go, fingers on the wrong keys
12:49 PM WOW
Ginger: WIN
i was like - is that something new?
Valerie: yeah, wow
Ginger: Busting Up Crying Even
i don't know
Valerie: hahahaha... you should add that one as well!
Ginger: DONE.


Sarah D said...

since you asked, my dear, the go-to blogs in my Google reader (besides this one, of course):

Pioneer Woman - loved reading the story of how she met her husband

Common Tragedies - run by some co-workers of mine - I used to post on this (which means I posted, like, twice - I am SO not a blogger)

Environmental Economics - nerding out, I know

Cake Wrecks

Stuff Christians Like

Cute Overload

House of Gjertsen

And Hootenannie and Wrangler Dani, but you know about those. :)

Miss you, friend!

renea mac said...

I really enjoyed this post, Ginger: for several reasons.

Blogs I follow that I think you'll like:


Katie said...

You two are so funny. :)

I follow a fair few blogs...but I love these:

Chookooloonks (

Posie Gets Cozy (

Jen Lee (

The Happiness Project (

Hope you enjoy!

Stevox said...

Got it in 10 tries; I'm well on my way.

Ginger said...

So excited to try all of these!

@Stephen - are you referring to NPR or our super fly sense of humor?

renea mac said...

I should add

I think you would really enjoy both Joy's thoughts and style (not to mention you would be an excellent contributor to the conversation---same goes for Living Spirituality).