Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four Years Later

About a month after graduating from college, I accepted my first GROWN-UP job out of college and got ready to move to Tyler.

Today is the four year anniversary of making that decision, and I praise the Lord that I am still here!

I’ve now lived in Tyler longer than I have lived anywhere since we moved away from my childhood home when I was 15. (BAM. Milestoned.)

My first job here was through a temp agency, but I upgraded significantly after that, though it was to a position I cared nothing for because: I worked with sports. (Yes! ME! Sports. SPORTS.)

I hung up my… sport belt after a year of the…sports, and after a short stint working at a book store, I was in the dreaded “in between” phase. Where to go? What to do? For a time it looked like I would be moving back to Houston, but it never felt right to me. I didn’t want to leave Tyler. How glad am I now that I stuck it out and stayed here?

(Answer: very.)

During my first year-ish in Tyler, I had virtually no community to speak of, a fact that is now completely and wildly reversed, amazingly enough. (Look, Mom! FRIENDS! They let me talk to them in public and everything!!!)

So let's review.

Then: Sports (?) job, two friends if you count my grandparents.
Now: Awesome internet job with a Christian organization, more than two friends. Like, three or four even. (OKAY, more than that.)
Jesus: Always knows what He's doing.

I’m so glad I stayed.


Anonymous said...

"BAM. Milestoned." HAHAHA.

So happy for you, Roommate... even though moving to California would be kind of an awesome choice. :)

Amanda said...

Im glad you stayed too!....even though now I'm not there :( But I will be someday! So stay longer!

shannonmichaelis said...

Glad you are content with where the Lord has you right now!