Friday, June 25, 2010

Small world.

How crazy is this internet thing? About every month or so I pull up my Facebook account only to have yet another elementary school classmate asking to be my friend. This week I had a girl who I could have sworn disliked me ask to be my friend. We are now connecting over Facebook messages and I've come to discover that the third party information I received and believed for almost 15 years was WAY OFF BASE. I love how God is always at work in bringing truth to light. :)

So Facebook connects us, but this blog world has done a little bit of introducing on it's own. A few years ago my sister demanded I read the hilarious blog of one Annie P. I found myself chuckling at her musings and videos. I offered a mixer up to our blog readers and she readily agreed to take it off my hands. From there it's been terribly enjoyable becoming friends with someone you've never met. Annie told me recently that she's looking forward to meeting David... and also me.

Through Annie I started following the blog of a guy living in the midwest who was writing a really interesting series on dating. I kept noticing another girl from Arizona who would also comment on his blog. Turns out Jordan and I were BOTH from Texas and living as aliens in this strange desert. We actually met up for lunch and a movie a year ago and since then we have both met and become engaged to fellas from the Valley. I followed her year of planning and looked at the photos of her beautiful wedding before deciding I needed all of the advice she could give me. Her sweet mother has been giving my mom TONS of good info.
David and I went to Starbucks last Saturday morning and he pulled out a HUGE box that had been mailed to me from Jordan. Wedding goodness galore! Thank you Jordan!!

Of course, I can't fail to mention that I met my terribly wonderful soon-to-be-husband (114 DAYS!) on this crazy thing. So I may waste a few hours on the old Mac - but I'd say the web has been pretty good for my relationships.


jordy liz said...

thanks! :)

what was that guy's website again? i've lost it..

Julia said...

Ginger....the world is very small. I love that you and Jordan met through blogging and that I eventually met you and now your mom. One day, perhaps all 4 of us can have lunch in person! Or all 18 of us or just me and your mom. haha.

I hope the wedding plans are coming along. Before you know it you will be a Mrs.

xoxo, Julia

hootenannie said...

I love the internet.

I love the Morby sisters.

Oh, and the mixer has since bit the dust. I didn't tell you until now, because I felt ashamed - like somehow, I mixed and mixed until the engine could mix no more. I have failed the mixer. But it served me well while it lasted. :)

Ginger said...

@Annie... UM. There's more where the first mixer came from. Remember? I had THREE. "Sir Mix Alot the 2nd, are you ready to go to Denver?... You are?!"