Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just got my hair done, and getting it done always makes me feel like I have cartoon Disney princess hair, so when I’m driving home from the hair salon, as I look left, and right, I find myself looking left, right again- left, right, left, right. Was that something over there? Better check. Swish! I think I saw something over THERE! Swish again.

Julie once told me she wanted to spin my hair into gold, and now whenever I get my hair done I feel like I’ve just been to a nice golden hair-spinning appointment.


I first met Annie at Julie’s wedding in Nashville. The next time I saw her was at Joey’s wedding in Austin. Now in two months I’ll get to see her at Ginger’s wedding in Phoenix. They should totally make a movie about us, and call it “Wedding Crashers 2: The Invited.” Or "RSVP Me." Or "Hustle Bustle." Or "Val and Annie and 17 Weddings*."

*Hat tip to Joey for the awesome movie title ideas.


I feel like there’s a "Veronica Mars" renaissance going on right now. And I love it. I keep hearing about it all over the place! For instance: a friend of mine wrote on my Facebook wall to say she was getting into the show and was letting me know that it made her think of me. (Now whether she thought of me because she’s heard me talk about it before, or because Veronica reminds her of me remains to be seen. I like to believe it is the latter.) My friend Amanda even managed to get her hands on a copy all the way down in PERU! And Joey and Sam just watched it and-wait, what was it? Oh yeah- loved it.

Now best of all, my group of friends has been getting together once a week to watch- about four episodes at a time! Heav. en. ly. It’s times like this that remind me that my love language is indeed sharing the things that I love with other people. I love watching it with my friends, and love even more to know that they are enjoying it. So when I hear that they are excited to watch more episodes, or see them “Like” it on Facebook, I do a little happy dance and clap my hands and maybe even swish my hair a little.


hootenannie said...

I hope that our movie title never turns into "The UNinvited." Because then... what would we do?

xo. Cannot WAIT for 2 months from now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the VMars hype will finally get that movie made. If Vampires Suck can be greenlit, why not VMars?

Amanda said...

Woohoo! I made the post!

and guess what...I've got my friends up north started in on the VMars love! They got Season 1 this week! What what!!!!

I LOVE YOU, my very own VM! and I totally think of you everytime I watch VM!