Thursday, January 15, 2009

My gift to you.

Val's in the O.C. kayaking in the Pacific Ocean with her best friends and I'm going to Ikea tomorrow. I suppose that's comparable. I've been holding onto a few images that have brought me great joy over the past year and decided to just share them all. I come bearing gifts of all sorts.

From Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I am waiting with baited breath for this moment.

And now a shirt (from I intend to own and wear as a tribute...err... statement for several people in my life, but just around my mom on Tuesdays when she does the LAUNDRY. As in, "Have been shoe shopping w/ Clay. Success. He's got his LAUNDRY going. Need to go up and nudge him into doing some more packing."

In September I offered up one of my spare mixers to the highest bidder. Annie was the big winner, and yes, I autographed it and decorated it. In response I received a wonderful handwritten note and some extra spending money. Little did she know how much joy I would derive from my breakfast burrito and tall coffee on an early Sunday morning before work. The proof is in the picture. Who's that excited about breakfast? Me.

And finally I would like to share with you the AMAZING gift I was presented from one of my kiddos this past weekend. A third grader walked up, hugged me and said, "This is for you Miss Ginger." Holla. Love it.


Annie Parsons said...


Sorry, I had to say it in caps lock.

I'm so glad that your breakfast burrito brought you such joy, because the blender that is taking up residence in my cupboard makes me giddy every time I see your signature on it. Best blog-exchange ever! :)

Melanie said...

hi you two! didn't know you had a blog! So fun catching up on y'all on here...i am finding blogging is waaay to time consuming, and somewhat stalkerish! :) Hope you are both doing great! It's Melanie (Simpson), by the way!