Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In This Box

Once again I could think of nothing to blog about. Once again I started sifting through my old papers, notebooks, and diaries again. Maybe there’s something here that I can use? Maybe?

Amidst my searching, I stopped to go through a box of old “things.” You know, the items that we save for who knows why. It’s such an intriguing assortment of objects and papers and memories and junk. I sat on the floor poring over everything and wondering why I kept half of it.

I tried on my old glasses from seventh grade. I only wore them for reading, and just that one year. My eyes magically corrected themselves after that, and I haven’t worn glasses since!

I found an old Psalty tape, my favorite black harmonica from Galveston, and several piano competition medals. There’s a small box of my senior picture (anyone interested? I still have lots!), my uber trendy WWJD bracelet, and a set of sticker pictures two of my friends and I took at the mall. Awesome!

I really enjoyed discovering an old Footprints day planner from 1997. Everyone’s birthday is marked with a plethora of confetti and squiggle drawings. Very festive. Some of the activities I have listed are “car wash,” “hockey,” “braces,” “church potluck.” This pretty much epitomizes my junior high existence.

My favorite find, though, was my stack of mail I received while at camp the summer after ninth grade. Oh don’t worry-- I will share some with you!

Mom closed one letter with: “Keep using that sunscreen. ARE YOU WEARING YOUR RETAINER? Love Mom.” The next day she ended by saying, "Remember to brush your teeth, use your sunscreen, and DO YOU HAVE YOUR RETAINER ON?"

I laughed out loud reading one from Grandpa: “We leave for Colorado this morning and will spend the night in COOL! Mountains. Eat your heart out.”

My favorite is from my amazing great grandmother. It says “Dear Valerie: Hope you are having fun and making lots of new friends. Love Annie Mae.”

She addressed it to "Ginger."


dc said...

I love letters at camp! Even when nothing at all interesting is said, it's quite novel to get a letter while at camp.

Lara said...

PSALTY! I was Charity Church mouse one Halloween, didya know?