Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ginger!

Today is my co-blogger and sister's 27th birthday! In her honor, here's a look back at a few past birthdays. I'm sure she could tell you exactly how old she was turning in each picture, not to mention exactly what presents she got. Her memory is freakish like that....

I think she's turning maybe 4 or 5 here? I love how intensely she is opening her present. Concentrate, G!
Valerie: too preoccupied with the chocolate to participate in that whole singing "Happy Birthday" thing....
This is the very birthday where she got her Samantha doll. Bliss!
I guess she has birthday... cookies? I have no idea why she doesn't have a cake.

The piece de resistance: the Babysitters Club birthday party. All of her friends dressed up as different BSC members! Ginger was Stacey, of course.

Cheeeese! Also, please note the copy of BRIO on the corner of the table. Awesome.

Happy Birthday, G! Hope God blesses the pants off your day! High Five the Holy King.


ASC said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger! (And these old pics are really something...makes me feel old...I remember BABYSITTING you both when you were that little!!!!)

Annie Parsons said...


Happy birthday, Ginger. :)