Sunday, June 21, 2009

You Should See the Other Guy

So... I fell down the other day. Like. Bad. Long story short, this girl and I had some "words" and so I slapped her and then she kicked me and we started shoving each other and then she pushed me down some stairs and I landed on some concrete and slid a bit and now my knees and shins are jacked. Up. Quite painful really.*

Meet my new favorite person, Sarah Haskins! She is HI-LARIOUS. She hosts a series of three-ish minute long videos called “Target Women” about commercials and various things that supposedly appeal to women. She tackles everything from chick flicks to wedding shows to the ridiculous way cars are peddled to women. I’ve wasted enjoyed hours combing through her videos on YouTube, and I still haven’t seen them all! Check out her take on Disney Princesses below:

“Now here’s a tip: don’t date. If the love is true, it will just show up!”
(Note: Not ALL of Sarah's videos are completely clean, so...fair warning!)

If you're friends with me on Facebook, go check out my movie quote quiz! There's still three movies up for grabs, and they're a bit off the beaten path. Think you can figure them out?

11 days until I see Ginger in real life and not on webcam. 25 days until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out. And 108 days until I fly to Nashville to hang with the roommates (and Joey and Annie!) for Julie's wedding! Can't wait BUT AT ALL!

Saw "Up" again yesterday. Like "Wall-E," it was even better the second time around! And instead of tearing up this time, I had full on TEARS streaming down my face. Now I'm agonizing over my rankings of the ten Pixar movies. I think "Up" may have just edged out "The Incredibles," actually.... And because I know you were wondering, "Wall-E" is in first place, followed by "Monsters Inc.," "Finding Nemo," and then "Up." But I'm feeling so partial to "Up" right now! Maybe it will overtake "Nemo" as well....

I watched "Fanboys" this evening, which was pretty cool. Substitute Harry Potter for a lot of the Star Wars stuff and I could definitely relate. Question: Is it just me, or does Kristen Bell make everything she's in that much more awesome? Answer:

Yep. All awesome. All the time.

*OR I was carrying a couple of boxes and didn't see the very LARGE step down and fell ONTO the boxes I was carrying and slid across the concrete a bit. Shin and knees still quite jacked up though! Just not as exciting of a story....


Ginger said...

Oh that joyful story of Romeo and Juliet... if we could only be so lucky.

Lara said...

Oh man, tears and tears for me, too during Up. Like Homeward Bound tears.

And you're really tricky with that opening story. I thought "No way, that didn't happen." but then another, more exciting part of me almost hoped it had. No offense.

Prosso said...

She had me at, "Forward emails about rape."