Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Friends: Greatest Hits

What’s interesting about blogging is the way you put yourself out there, spend time and energy on a post, and sit back and wait for someone to acknowledge that effort. Is this just me? I mean, surely we all want people to read what we’ve written, even if it’s just a top ten list or a random rehash of what happened in your day. And months, or years out…what then? Who is going to remember what you wrote on an average Wednesday two years ago? Well, tonight I set out to acknowledge YOU. Okay, some of you.

I’ve assembled a list of a few of my favorite bloggers, and then compiled a list of my most favoritest blogs of theirs. This was no easy task, as some of these names could easily have had seven or 12 or 46 separate entries listed beneath them that could all be considered favorites of mine. For brevity’s sake, and also for the sake of this is how I decided to do it, I’ve selected three blogs for each person. These are the missives that stuck in my mind, made me laugh, or made me star them in Google Reader because WOW THAT IS SOME GOOD BLOGGIN RIGHT THERE.

Please click the lovely links below—don’t they look so enticing? If you’ve been looking to break in to some new blogs, start here. I’ve done the initial scoping out work for you! And if you already read some of these blogs, but didn't start until recently so you've missed a few of these entries? Oh honey. Do yourself a favor and go back and read the ones I've highlighted below.

So seriously. I know you're busy, and it takes time to click on all these different links, but really. Everyone should read all of these blogs. You won’t regret it.

Massive hat tip to the below writers! You are all amazing, and it was like cutting off fingers to name only three favorites for each of you. Or like picking a favorite child. Both of those, really. Cutting off your child's fingers. Wait, what?

Without further adieu! The list:


Lost Spinoff
Class: A Running Commentary
Your Hand in Mine


K is for Kaleidoscope
Underwires: Overrated


On the Road Again
Epic Role Models


In which an unexpected reaction makes Dani's day


The Positive Propaganda Project
The Man in My Life
The Eternal Part


Just Talking
On Gilmore Girls
Remembering Stacy Loveheart


Plan B
Flying it Loud and Proud?


Greta said...


Thanks so much for including me, chickie!!

Valerie said...

Absolutely! My friends need to read more of the Famous Greta. And for the record, from your blog I also wanted to include:

'Final Thoughts Before Bedtime On Birthday #25'
'Faith in Freedom'
'The Shape of an Ending'

Just so you know. :)

Katie said...

Wow, I'm honored to be part of your Greatest Hits! I'll have to check out all the rest of these. Thanks, Val!

shannonmichaelis said...

boo; i will not support any other blogs if i am not included. :-)

dc said...

Vbaby, you know I love you. Mwah.

hootenannie said...

My heart is bursting. :) :) :)

Ginger said...

I just read through all of those blog entries and I cried at least 7 times. I love this random blog ring.