Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happiness and ShamWow!

JULIE IS ENGAGED!!!! I feel like I have probably used up the allotted number of exclamations and all caps sentences that one person should be allowed, but I can’t help it! Another House 9 girl is getting married! And I am so very elated. Her engagement story is absolutely amazing, and I am unbelievably happy for her and her FIANCEE. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Also. When Joey and I talked about The Wedding, the conversation soon turned to this:

Joey: Will Annie Parsons be there!
me: haha i hope so!!!!!

It's true. FIVE exclamation points, Annie. We better see you there!

Okay so y’all. I have not stopped laughing at work for the past THREE days. As you know, mine is the only desk out in the middle of our marketing suite. The others around me all have offices that adjoin into that space. As of Monday though? I have a suite mate! Thank the good Lord for Will, who has come in for the summer like a ray of sunshine to brighten the entire office. See, I am an otter, meaning I love fun and spontaneity and laughter and also fun. In my area, I am surrounded by…not otters. But Will? Is the UBER otter; I swear he makes my inner otter look tame. He is all over the place cracking everybody up, and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t take much to get the two of us laughing, and we laugh loud, long, and often. So. Much. Fun.

Earlier today I was writing yet another news release type deal for work. I read it out loud to Will and my boss and a few sentences in I just had to turn it into a ShamWow commercial. I’ve now learned that when you start something like this with a question (“Do you want to blah blah blah?” “Are you looking for a way to yada yada yada?”), it is inevitable that you’ll end up sounding like an announcer for an infomercial. In the end, though, it made me laugh so much that I only tweaked it a bit more before sending it off to the internet to be posted as is. Now I’ll always be able to go to our company’s news items and find my ShamWow-style piece. Order now.


hootenannie said...

Oh, sister.


ASC said...

OMG. I was writing a press release for a client a few weeks ago, and he literally said "I need this to be more Billy know, the Oxiclean guy..."...maybe you should be working for him and not me! Or maybe it's a PR person thing... :-)

Anonymous said...

When I need to Eeeeeeeeee! about Julie's wedding, I think I'll just yell "ShamWow!" 'cuz that's what I heard you saying in my head. I'm not sure that made sense. But you're my roommate. You know.