Monday, April 12, 2010

And here we go.

I didn't realize how non-stop the planning would be once this all started. When you start with less than 6 months to plan, it takes every spare ounce of time to get the ball rolling. Trying to keep my head on straight and hoping to have the dress, venue, and date by the end of the weekend. Hoping. :)

This is my life right now - the conference, work, and the wedding.

In my spare time I'm reading the first first gift David and I received on our engagement day. "Before You Plan Your Wedding. . . Plan Your Marriage" By Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley. Thanks Mom!

Before You Plan Your Wedding. . . Plan Your Marriage, Greg Smalley, Erin Smalley, Steve Halliday, 1416543546


~lady j said...

Girl... I completely understand. :) have fun, i'm praying for you guys! and whatever you do, DON'T buy one of those giant, expensive planning books. has it all for free! you're also fortunate to have a fabulous planner in your immediately family. i'd have never kept it all together without val :)

Lauren said...

Another good book (and workbooks) that my hubby and I worked through when we were engaged is Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts by Les and Leslie Parrott.