Monday, April 19, 2010

What You Write About When Your Mind Is Blank Oh And Also You Are Boring

It seems like the original Star Wars trilogy keeps popping up and up and up recently. On blogs, on hilarious videos, on blogs, and really just all over pop culture! It's like a new Star Wars renaissance! And... I think I have to be a part of it. So I found a used copy of the trilogy and ordered it on Amazon. It was time.

I watched "Away We Go" tonight. It had some very funny parts, lots of very indie music, and overall was very enjoyable. Plus, any movie with Alisson Janney and Catherine O'Hara is worth looking into. I probably won't ever own it or anything, but still: yes.

So... I DVR'ed an ABC Family movie last night. Starring Hilary Duff. Called "Beauty and the Briefcase." And, believe me, I am embarassing myself by even writing that down for all to see. So the question is... will you still be my friend?

The Facebook Page I help run for work recently crossed the 5,000 fan mark. Did I mention that? Well it did, and I am overjoyed. And it only took us about 6 months to make it! I am most pleased. My fellow Facebook-er and I even took a picture of ourselves thanking the members because we are just awesome and also dorky enough to do that.

Last night I learned that guys, even when they are 25, are not able to resist the aisle of the store that contains Nerf products. Nerf guns, Nerf swords, what-have-you. Like moths to a foam flame, I am telling you.

I went camping this weekend with my dad, brother, uncles, and cousins. It's our annual tradition of playing with fire, fishing, being filthy, and just generally acting like rednecks. Video and photos hopefully to come.... But I have over 200 to go through (I HAVE A PROBLEM, OKAY?) so in the meantime, here. Have a picture or three.


Anonymous said...

Is that Clay in the last pic in the foreground? And is he actually reading a book???? -m

Anonymous said...

Only you could put Star Wars, camping, Hilary Duff and Facebook in the same post.

This is why I love you. Oh, and I love the original Star Wars. Classic.

~lady j said...

It's true about Star Wars! I think it's because the 30th anniversary of empire strikes back is at the end of May. I've been craving a viewing for months now and I just pulled it to the top of our queue on netflix because-- shocker!-- i still don't own it on dvd. and that is SAD.

But Todd will be having his first trilogy viewing in the coming weeks and i'm so pumped about it! :)