Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's the story, Morning Glory?

How do you start to tell this story? I’m finding myself at a loss for words… perhaps for one of the first times in my life.

I’ve started to talk about
David on the blog a few times this spring. I think I’ve kept from sharing too much for several reasons.
1. I wanted this to just be mine for a while.
2. It was yet another round in my arsenal of a 15-year heart protection. (Proverbs 4:23) The longer I could stave off admitting that I had fallen in love for the first time in my life, the better protected my well-spring could remain.

But as I
said on Monday – he showed up to Texas on Sunday and has changed everything – for the better.

I had been planning to be in Texas the weekend of March 26-28
th for almost 10 months. I was invited by Pine Cove to come and speak at a Jr. High Girl’s conference. I jumped at the opportunity as speaking to young women about their worth is my main passion. Also, Pine Cove has been hugely instrumental in making me the person I am today. And if that wasn’t enough, my grandparents and siblings all live within a 15-minute drive from the camps.

I flew in on Thursday night and was picked up by Val and Clay at the airport. I called and e-mailed David several times during my long flights and airport waiting. I couldn’t help but let my thoughts wonder to him throughout the hours on the plane. After driving to my grandparent’s house with the siblings I sent him this e-mail:

“I spent my second flight crippled. I didn't pull out my laptop because the flight was supposed to only be 28 minutes... so instead I snagged my journal and my pen - my beautiful new pen. I walked to my seat and stowed my backpack away. Somewhere, somehow... I lost my pen. I spent a good portion of the 50 minutes on the plane reading the journal that I began on January 13th. Do you know what the theme was?

Thank you God for this man. That's the recurring theme of this year. 2010 has been filled to the brim with blessing after blessing, and you - My Love - have been the richest of gifts. I will spend the rest of my life in gratitude.

I know that none of this is new - but I still wanted to say it.”

Friday was spent meeting up with old and dear friends. I told the story of David and I repeatedly. “So, I saw you are dating someone.” Me: Yessss… and I’m done. He’s it.” Other Person: “Wow. Just like that?” Me: “Yep. Just like that.” (Insert beaming and glowing.)

I ended up heading out to camp with Valerie late Friday night to speak at my first session. I was to call David once I finished, which wouldn’t be too big of a problem since there was a 2 hour time change difference. I finally called at midnight my time and 10:00 Phoenix time and was surprised to discover he was already in bed. As far as I knew he was going to spend the weekend doing projects around the house and taking it easy. We chatted while I watched the end of double-over time March Madness. He finally said that he was exhausted and that he wanted me to get some good sleep for the weekend. I was actually a little perturbed. I said, “Well. I’m not tired at all. I guess I will do some work.” I was ordered not to do any work on my vacation. So instead I finished the game and tried to turn my brain off and get some sleep. What I didn’t know was that he would be waking up to take a flight to Texas in just a few short hours...

-I really thought I could do this in one post, but it’s a whole weekend of events and this is the week of Easter – so it’s about my most insane work-week of the year. Bear with me. More to come – I promise.


Laura Stiller said...

Can I just say that I've been dying for this post all week - and you're going to DRAG IT OUT! Oh my gosh - I love the suspense. :-)

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, don't stop there! Great photo - like the distant lighting. Looking forward to the step by step fo it all!