Thursday, April 8, 2010


If you haven’t watched this week’s Lost yet, well then… No big deal. I really am not spoilering anything, except that it was great. SURPRISE!!!

Desmond really has the best episodes, does he not? Man, Henry Ian Cusick really lucked out. He ended up being the answer to one of the most interesting mysteries of the show, and now he continually gets to be the center of the most stellar episodes, season after season. As Vozzek put it this week: “Desmond's episodes have repeatedly given us something even more important: startling, game-changing revelations about the show.”


Gosh I love this show!

Also to love? After the series finale of the best television drama of all time, Jimmy Kimmel is airing a special entitled “Lost: After the Final Rose.”


Not many people enjoyed it, but I really really like “Australia.” I don’t understand why it got so eviscerated; it’s not a perfect movie, but it tells an incredible story and the visuals are absolutely stunning. It’s just a great movie!

SO, I have wanted to get it on DVD, but do you know what the special features on that movie consist of? Deleted scenes. And... cricket chirps. That’s it! Deleted scenes! I know it didn’t bank at the box office, but does that mean they didn’t film a single “Making Of” documentary during filming? Wouldn’t Baz Luhrmann be up for recording a director’s commentary? Can they not slap the Theatrical Trailer on there at least? The fact that the current DVD is void of any of this leads me to hold out hope that a better edition is still forthcoming. Maybe... Down Under Edition. The Drover Edition. Kissing in the Rain with a Flower in Your Hair Edition.


So every other month or so, I boot up my computer, dial up my internet, and Ask Jeeves if there is any news about an “Australia” DVD. Over a year later and still—no dice. What gives, Baz?

...Actually, this blog entry title isn’t right. I can totally connect the two "unrelated" things I just discussed. Dominic Monaghan, who was in Lost, was also in The Lord of the Rings. David Wenham, Faramir from Lord of the Rings, was also in Australia.



Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Desmond. He's awesome. I just wish it was Tuesday already. Only 5 more episodes, how are they going to answer that many questions in 5 episodes? There has to be a movie coming out.

dc said...

I also love both Australia (the movie) and Lost (the show).

Just thought I'd validate you. :)