Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spell real good.

There's a box that's been sitting in my basement since my parents brought all my treasures (trophies, papers, childhood pizazz) out to Arizona in August.

I've recently started letting myself comb through the contents of the purple plastic container. Today's selection is apparently circa 2nd grade, but I'm not going to let that orange marker actually tell me my spelling and handwriting were that bad in 2nd grade. Maybe this is the summer between 1st and 2nd grade. Regardless... I'm thankful for this informative Sunday School worksheet from Lutherans for Life.

Hi. I'm Ginger. I spell real good.
Please note that while my family is very fun and loving...
...they are also apparently mucicule (musical), inresponsibil (irresponsible?), lazzy (lazy), and yeilingly (YELLING!). This summary is amazing.

Now let's see how many words we can make from my name. O look. Robart, chilly and poon. That totally makes sense from the letters provided.
Let's take it a step further and meet my parents.
I like that my dad makes malts and is mucicle. But mom buys my favorite foods... sometimes.
Note that while I cannot spell, I am getting all the questions about Jesus correct. Yess.

Finally, let's talk about all the members of my family. Perhaps my brother wasn't old enough to actually be considered a member of the family. :)
Oh and also, I'm a really fast runner.
I'm Ginger. I spell real good.


Stevox said...

I wish my family could go to Seaworld.

SKMorbys said...

We were failures. We never did take you to Seaworld.

Julia said...

Tell your mom they aren't failures because they never took you to was because they were lazy and irresponsible and yellers.

I love this post! And I know your mom wasn't lazy because she probably got up very early on that picture day and curled your hair.

xoxo, Julia

my name is carey! said...

That is SERIOUSLY the cutest picture ever! And you can come to Sea World with us any time!

Ginger said...

@all - Still have never been to Seaworld - but I've moved on... in the past year.
@Julia- My mom was SUPER when it came to 80s/90s hair. I think she did my hair until I was in 6th grade!
@Carey - maybe the dream IS still alive. :)