Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes! We HAVE Always Been This Cool!

Mondays are always "Blast from the Past" days on the Facebook page I run for work. I find old photos from past decades and share them with our followers, always enjoying the crazy hairstyles and rather, uh... interesting facial hair. But why should they have all the fun?

Today, Blast from the Past happens here... MORBY STYLE.
First up, Ginger lookin' like a boss. Val lookin' like a veg (etable.)

Time for an afternoon of rollerblading with Uncle Ken. See? G's skillz with a pair of rollerblades go way back. My skillz with a dorky pink helmet ALSO have a history. (AND: the t-shirt tucked into the cotton shorts? Seriously- looking good, Morby.) (ALTHOUGH: Ginger's black shortalls are kind of giving me a run for my money.) (Let's be honest.) (On second look, no. No one looks worse than Val here.)

Sorry this picture is a little cut off, but it had to be shared. This was our Christmas card circa 1999, I believe. I remember selecting our clothes for the artistic comment of simplicity converging on to more complex patterns, in the form of solids followed by stripes followed by plaid. That's just the sort of intentional, creative statement my family is famous for making!*

Just after Ginger's performance in the Homecoming musical "Guys and Dolls" in 2003. This is back when my hair wanted to be Chloe Sullivan's hair. (It didn't really work.) It was all my hair's idea! On the right is Cousin Shanni, not a long-lost third Morby sister.

So I'm sorry, but no, this blog is not about to get more interesting with the addition of another sister. It's still just us.

*Not true but at all.

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shannonmichaelis said...

LOVE the photo from the high school musical! I totally remember the shirt I wore, as well as the pants I would pair with it. Hilarious! Was showing Justin these old photos - he thought they were humorous....