Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Night

I'm re-learning how to type. I recently stumbled on an article that basically said that people who double space after every sentence are doing it wrong. We're from the Mesozoic Era. It's all about the single space, APPARENTLY. Now my day is filled with a lot more back spacing to correct this evidently egregious error. Are you a double spacer? Or are you a single spacer and are now SHOCKED at my ignorance??


I told Kyle that I was already getting tired of the cold. He asked if I would rather have the 100 degree temperatures back.

Umm... yes. Because I have a pool.


My friends and I have been going through different series of television, including "Arrested Development," "Veronica Mars," and "The Mole." We actually just finished up "Celebrity Mole" (about 40 minutes ago!) and are on the hunt for the next show. Suggestions that have been thrown out include "Mad Men," "Freaks and Geeks," "Friday Night Lights," "Alias" and "Extras," but everyone seems relatively lukewarm about most of those ideas.

What do YOU suggest?


"The Bachelor" this season is just as deliciously awful as always. I can't stand Brad or most of the girls, but I don't know what would happen if I actually stopped watching the show. Is... that even an option??? If I stopped watching, I wouldn't be able to hear such gems from Senor Bachelor as, "...all the women gave it their all... but Chantel gave the most." (H/T to Dani for transcribing that one!)

I mean, really. This enormous Texas boy is incredibly bland and surprisingly without a functioning brain. How are so many women fighting over him? Over HIM!? He's just a chest!

(No, there is not more to him than this.)


Whew, all those sentences separated by only one space. Here are all the remaining spaces that I would have used otherwise, because I just don't want them to feel left out:



kimberly said...

I will never be okay with the single space. never, ever. I don't think I could ever unlearn the double space. what are they thinking???

Shannalee said...

well this made me laugh out loud. and want to watch The Bachelor...for maybe the first time ever.

Stevox said...

Um. I've been a double spacer all my life. I'm not about to change now. And yes, I did double my double spacer.

Stevox said...

Damn you Google for dowsing my nonconformity and changing all my double spacers to single ones! Agk!

Anonymous said...

I came accross this and had to laugh! I teach, and my students have a hard time with the double/single space dilemma.
It's single now because typerwriter font is much different than the computer, thus why we no longer need to double space.
Goodluck Valerie :)

brent said...

I'm glad to see someone else is just as baffled with all this single-space madness going around.

Also, not that I watch a lot of tv, but I am LOVING (loving=watching episode after episode after episode after episode... until my eyes put up their own blinds so they can pull them):


I am excited about all of those. Very excited. For real. Watch any of them and you'll be happy.

SKMorbys said...

I will never, ever be able to unlearn the double space after a sentence. And I don't care how "wrong" it is. So there.

Ginger said...

Shows: My Boys, How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Quinn, one season of 24, or... I actually know a lot of people stuck on "Fringe."

~lady j said...

I had no idea you were a double spacer. I am unobservant. And you are weird. :)

Also there is absolutely no good reason for y'all not to watch Friday Night Lights. You have some convincing to do. But maybe you can watch Community in the meantime.