Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Same difference

I resolved in my last post to make more cake... among other things. So I made a coffee cake. I thought that I might be able to bribe neighbors into more readily coming to their doors IF I had sugar in hand. Turns out - we've already moved past cake.
I handed out cookies to nine houses on my street prior to Christmas. The response was favorable (even if still a little awkward.) In return we received brownie bites, homemade salsa, and an invitation from THREE houses to have dinner in the future. I assumed those invitations might never come to fruition and I would continue to walk the empty ghost-town street that I'm trying to love.

But just when I thought our culdesac was destined to remain quiet, the neighbor directly across from me finally surfaced. She not only stuck her head out of her garage and waved, but she walked up to me, shook my hand and thanked me for the cookies from Christmas. L and her family moved to Arizona from China just three years ago. It gets better. Then, on Friday, as I was walking back from checking the mail I saw the neighbor from across the street. A is super friendly. She and her husband moved here from India a decade ago. We were talking about actually getting together soon when my next door neighbor, L, came out and chatted with us on the street. She's mom to two of the cutest looking little girls I have ever seen in my life. They usually have crowns or tutus on when I catch a glimpse.

All that to say: L, A and I are going to dinner on Monday. Yes and yes.

Making cake/cookies = almost as good as making friends. Almost.

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