Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something Good This Way Comes

I had a good weekend. A lovely weekend.

A sparkling weekend.

One of those really low-key, but really fun couple of days. It would be more appropriate if I was sharing this with you on Sunday or Monday, but you know how it is. Sometimes... with the stuff going on... and the... yeah. Amiright??

Friday after work I hit up Jason's Deli with a big group of friends and families. It's true: I start my weekends doing some craaaaaazy stuff. Case in point: tomato basil soup. WHAT UP, WEEKEND!

After that I stopped by my grandparents' house to chill with them, my aunt and uncle, and some cousins, including newly engaged Hilary and her fiance Jeff! <insert girly squeal here> We spent the evening chatting, laughing, and hearing about wedding plans!

Saturday morning I slept in until almost 10, and then hit the park by my apartment for some walk/run time, accompanied by the sunshine and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Then before I knew it I was showered and in the car on my way to meet a college friend for lunch! Taylor is now a bigshot television anchor at the largest news station in my city, so it's always fun to turn on the TV and see my friend! It was great to catch up with him and hear ridiculously hilarious stories of getting recognized around town as well as some of the funny things that happen behind the scenes at a news station.

That afternoon I picked up Grandma and the two of us headed to the AZALEA TRAILS! I was so excited that we had such perfect weather and am so glad we got the chance to check out all the flowers.

(Keep reading: beauty ensues.)

Sigh. Don't you just want to come visit me now?? I've got a floor with your name on it....

I spent the rest of the afternoon in my grandparents' backyard, soaking in the summer-y sun and listening to some pretty hilarious/adorable g-parent banter.

Grandpa: Would this fire pit look better with the lid on?
Grandma: Who are you trying to impress?
Grandpa (smiling): I'm trying to impress myself!

Grandma: I can't breathe with all that smoke! You know I have problems with my lungs!
Grandpa: That's not the only problem you have.


That night Grandpa fried fish and shrimp out on the porch and all nine of us got to sit and laugh together over dinner together before watching "Father of the Bride" with the bride-to-be! <insert girly squeal here> So much awesome going on. Sigh.

Sunday morning I met the crew at church and then joined everyone at the grandparents' house again for lunch! (I know, I am SO SPOILED.) Oh, and special aside to all cousins reading who were not present on Sunday: Lunch was followed by Grandpa's chocolate malts served in frosted wine glasses. Zing!

From there it was on to movie club, where we watched one of my all-time favorite movies, "The Thin Man!" The other club members have received their instructions to be on the lookout for a real life Nick Charles.


The weekend ended as all weekends should: with a party! Joanna's birthday was celebrated with balloons, streamers, cute kids, tacos, and best of all, a photo of our entire group! (NOT an easy task!) All in all it was a great little party with too many fun people.

It's always nice to talk and laugh the final remaining hours of a weekend away.

Now this kind of day has no night. Yeah, this kind of day has no night. And I ain't got much on my mind. I ain't got much on my mind. Cause I know something good this way comes.


Amanda said...

Dear Valerie's Floor,
Save me a spot that I will use someday.


SKMorbys said...

What a wonderfully, beautiful weekend! I want one!

Ginger said...

Picture of everyone located and posted: STAT.

And also: azaela tral swooning. SAVE ME SOME SPRING!

The Dishwasher Diaries said...

I love this post! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend. I can't wait to see the group pic but you'll have to tell Ginger that it can't be posted online. Too many foster kids involved. But we'll give her a special viewing the next time she's here. :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Malt's in wine glasses?! What has the world come to?!

And where is the group photo? Would love to see it!

Love the banter over the fire pit....

Amanda said...

Val, in response to your comment on my blog...YOU can go to Six Flags with me! It's the only way I want to go!

P.S. You need to change your settings so I can respond to your comments by email, silly girl! Its much easier ;) Let me know if you need help!

SKMorbys said...

I need me some "Thin Man!"

worldamazingfacts said...

hey wornderful garden i hope u post more pictures for this garden ...