Monday, March 21, 2011


It's true. Prior to blogger Val and I both spent a lot of time posting on Xanga. I liked Xanga. You know what I liked MOST about Xanga? Every post you could leave a little photo of books, music, and shows that youwerechecking out.Before you tell me to just add Facebook applications - I would like to take this moment and let you know that I am a Facebook purist. I don't WANT to add applications, games, quizzes, music, or bookshelves to my page. Perhaps I'm being stubborn.


So... I'm going to do it anyways. I'm giving you a top list for the moment in hopes that you will also be generous and share any gems that you've discovered.

What I'm reading: Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

I mentioned this book last week and I'm going to mention it again. This book is challenging me so much. My Tuesday night group is walking through these chapters and so far it has taken us a month to finish talking about just three of them. A quote that has stayed with me since the first chapter: In one sense, Paul's letter could be summarized in this statement: "You are saints. Now act like saints!" Sometimes that idea is expressed more succinctly as, "Be what you are." That is, be in your behavior what you are in your state of being.

What I'm listening to: The Ladder by Andrew Belle

I love this album. Andrew has a lovely voice and a gentle way with lyrics. He tells story in songs that are both moving and soothing. If you want to see a beautiful use of the title song, then check out the Lingberries' wedding trailer. Gor. Geous.

Lyrics from another of my favorite
songs, "Oh My Stars"
oh my my
oh my stars
everything you see is ours
or it could be if you would try i wish you would
i wish you might
oh oh
if everything you've said to me has been true
then all my stars are leading me to you ooh ooh ooh ooh

What I'm (we're) watching: The Next Great American Restaurant

We really enjoy this show. The reason... my guess is that we love food. D and I are always trying to think up concepts for new restaurants or ways to improve dishes... and I really like Bobby Flay. So far this show has been low on drama and high on the American Dream. 10 contestants all vying to create America's next fast casual restaurant. The last idea standing gets the money to open three restaurants. I'm sure this show is imperfect, but we have enjoyed the first two episodes on our DVR.

What I'm (we're) really watching: Ohio State Basketball

I married into a scarlet and grey dynasty. I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went... but I will say that I have enjoyed having a winning team in my bracket this year. This team is fun to watch and we have our fingers crossed to see them on the court when we head to...

Where I'm (we're) going: TEXAS

One giant road trip that includes the
Final Four(!), family, friends, and food. I cannot wait.
O-H... err... The eyes of Texas...


Abby said...

I love Andrew Belle too! I think I've even blogged those same lyrics before. :) And a final four trip, that will be so fun!!

Sarah D. said...

Hey girl - just wanted to share that I've gotten hooked on the book "Born To Run" in the last few days. I know you're a budding runner so thought you might be interested. I'm not sure that I'll be running ultra-marathons anytime soon, but it poses some interesting questions about why we run as individuals nested in why we run as a species. It's really quite intriguing and adventurous, I'll keep you posted on when I reach the finish line. :) Also, the Mumford & Sons CD is awesome - satisfying my need for bouncy bluegrass and spiritual musings all in one.