Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If I'm being completely honest

I miss so many people right now. I miss my college roommates, who I haven't seen in OVER A YEAR now. I miss Amanda in Peru, who always feels SO FAR AWAY. I miss so many college friends and blog friends and family members and sisters. (Okay, just the one sister.)

The most recent season of "The Bachelor" ended last night, and I watched every. single. episode. And now I can't wait for "The Bachelorette" to start in May. Not cool to admit, but there you go.

I don't like my hair right now. At all. The color is so dull, and it kind of makes me feel sad. I know I sound RIDICULOUS right now, but it's true. I feel like I'm not "me," and I can't wait to go back to blonde.

I love this time change, even though it means it's dark when I wake up, because it means that SUMMER IS COMING! I know that not everyone enjoys the sun and heat as much as I do, but I can't wait. Summer is my season.

Males, I don't feel even a little bit sorry that I am taller than you. Even when I wear my tall brown clogs that I love. And that's the vibe I get sometimes- that I should apologize or not appreciate the fact that I get to be 5'8". But guess what? God gifted me with joy in my height, and not a spirit of guilt.

I've been dreading March Madness because it becomes ALL ANYONE TALKS ABOUT. For so long! I know I get caught up in the Oscars, and if you don't like it you probably get really sick of that event. I can sympathize- that probably gets really extremely lame. But that is just one night! March Madness goes on fooooooreeeeeeever. Or somewhere in that time frame. I don't know, I'm estimating.

Ginger and I have a "confession" tag that I decided to use for this post. I just clicked it and saw that I have never used it before- only Ginger.

I sat in my car in my apartment parking lot this evening for a good ten minutes after I arrived home just listening to my satellite radio. In the dark, like a creeper. BUT it's because they were playing Jeopardy on Rosie Radio, with categories like 'Movies,' 'Glee,' and 'Current Events.' I LOVE TRIVIA, and these questions were right up my alley. So I stayed in my car to listen. Like a creeper.

It's after 9:30 and I haven't had any dinner. On my way to fix that!

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Amanda said...

I MISSSSS YOU TOOOOO! This Fall cannot come fast enough!

and I totally feel you about the hair. I am not ME when I am not blonde...just doesn't work. Not one bit!

I adore you...just thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

I miss so many people right now, too. Including you. This Boston gig is often a lonely one.

I can't wait for summer, either. Usually I'm a spring-and-fall girl, but this winter is enough to make me wish for hot, bright days and fresh produce and afternoons at the pool and Popsicles. Come on, summer.

Ginger said...

And if I'm being completely honest... I can't wait to see you in 3 weeks. BAM. (But I also can't wait to see the Final Four... in PERSON. MADNESS, I tell you!

reneamac said...

Val, I loved this post. Especially your commentary on tall women. More power to you, Val! I confess, very little makes me happier than a tall woman walking confidently in heels or *fabulous* brown clogs. Own it!

Anonymous said...

I was recently told by a client that every time she sees me she feels short. "Um, thanks?"

I miss you too. SO MUCH.