Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amazing April

This April is quickly shaping up to be one of my FAVORITE months in recent memory, packed with the best of fun things (and one BIG thing)! Here are a few of the happenings I am looking forward to next month:

  • Easter, one of my favorite holidays!

  • A visit from Ginger and David, who will be in Texas for over a WEEK!

  • Bowling Day at work, where our ENTIRE staff takes a morning off to go to a local alley to just bowl, eat lots of good food, and have FUN! I love where I work!

  • Azalea Trails! April is a BEAUTIFUL time to live in my city, as evidenced
    by the flowers in full bloom everywhere you look, particularly the azaleas. People from all over the area come to the "Azalea Trails" to walk down historic brick streets in neighborhoods near downtown and see all of the most eye-catching flowers. The picture to the right is one that I took a few years ago on the trails.

  • "Legally Blonde," one of my favorite musicals, is coming! I get to see it courtesy of gift-givers extraordinaire Ginger and David. I feel SO much better than before!

  • Like I said, one BIG thing that I am SO excited about! Any guesses? No? Well, I'll tell you all about it next time. For now though, I'll leave just you with this small hint....


Deidra Zambrano said...

AWESOME APRIL! Please sing along to "So Much Better" really loud!

Ginger said...

A+ for April.

dc said...

Are you going sailing and singing somewhere? I'm sure that's it. You've joined a troupe of singing sailors.