Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One time when I was a junior in high school, band class was a little bit extra boring and slow. So my awesome Mormon friend Johnny decided to put his extraordinary powers of hilarity to good use and entertain the band.

He organized it with the entire trumpet section ahead of time, and then just waited for Mr. Reynolds to get mad at one of them (a regular occurrence anyway). Then Johnny just said "I'm sorry Mr. Reynolds" and another trumpet guy sang "oooo!" in a falsetto voice and all of the trumpet guys sang "I am for reeeeeeal!" (Do you remember that song? "I'm sorry Miss Jackson?" Well it was very popular when I was in high school.)

But Mr. Reynolds was not in a jolly mood that day, so he just threw his baton on the ground and stomped away from the podium for a little bit. I tried not to double over laughing (that was my usual reaction around Mormon Johnny) because COME ON, Mr. Reynolds. You have to admit that was funny. And it took planning, so.

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