Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My bad.

me: shoot!
Valerie: but i like it!
me: it's my turn to post!
totally forgot!!
i've been waiting
Valerie: haha
lol no way!
thats too funny
me: i will do that tonight!! my bad
Valerie: no prob :)

And here I sit... "tonight" with nothing to say.

Other things that are my bad: being selfish, crying on the phone with D twice today, not taking a shower, worrying rather than trusting, eating Mexican food for dinner and not having any leftovers to go into a box when the waiter came with the check, wearing frustration on my face for far too long, acting like I'm bi-polar, forgetting to be thankful... need I go on?

Thank the Lord that tomorrow is INDEED, another day.

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