Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So maybe...

-I had a meltdown on Sunday evening and my sweet fiance found me in a hallway quietly sobbing in the dark.
-I purchased the 6th and 7th pairs of shoes that I might "possibly" wear on my wedding day.
-I just had the 8th consecutive month of not winning ANYTHING at Bunco night.
-I didn't run this morning in hopes of preventing another meltdown.
-I drank 100 ounces of liquid in a 2 hour period. (No really - 2 Route 44s and a 12 oz of water.)
-There are 33 days until a celebration and I am so ready.
-Maybe that's all I've got tonight. First dress fitting is in the morning.

Then again... maybe not.

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*TJ* said...

Oh Ginger how I love you! I wish I still got to see you once a week. Just know that even though you had your 8th consecutive month of not winning ANYTHING at Bunco.. it would break my heart if you weren't there! November is gonna be your month girl! I can feel it! :)