Monday, September 20, 2010

The latest and they happen to be the greatest...

-We are getting gussied up and going to THIS tonight. It's a theater awards show. I might be up for something. I'll let you know the verdict.

-I am happy to report that there have been ZERO breakdowns in the past week! Thanks for the encouragement.

-I WON a drawing! This almost never happens. I love my little blog world.

-TWO fabulous showers this weekend. I am so blessed to have such loving friends and family.
-You know when radio stations say "caller number 9 wins"? Apparently they mean it. David called in on Sunday afternoon and we won tickets to a small Natasha Beddingfield concert. So maybe we had to google her to remind ourselves if we knew another song other than "Unwritten" - turns out we know one other.

-This week: speaking at a "Christian Club on Campus," meeting up with students on Wednesday morning at 6:45am for "See You at The Pole," and lots of little things to accomplish.

Seacrest, out.

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