Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please Be Our Friend.

After Movie Club this afternoon (today's movie: Contact), we kept the TV on, and after watching some ungodly amount of golf (?), we transitioned to our lovely local news station and were sucked in by the interesting circus that is small-town local news. Particularly the weekend edition.

They threw the story to a reporter who was standing by at the local TGI Fridays (approximately a mile away from where we were sitting watching the news), who was reporting the groundbreaking story of the expectation of a very large crowd to watch the Cowboys game in the bar area.

After watching this young reporter, with his loose tie, electrical taped-microphone, and devil-may-care attitude, we came to the very logical conclusion that he is probably a lot of fun to hang out with in real life. And I then took the very logical next step of looking him up on Facebook to get some further info on this local newsman. Well guess what- he is totally our age, and has awesome taste in movies (Inception! Moon! North by Northwest!), television (Whose Line! Lost! LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON!) and general interests (Film! Television! Theatre! Deloreans!). Yes- this guy was definitely someone we want to hang out with.

Also: he looks just like hilarious Alex from Alex Reads Twilight.

We got another sign that we should totally be friends with this guy when we arrived for dinner at IHOP (Yes- it IS open during daylight hours! I was shocked too. Aren’t you only allowed to go there when everything else is closed? (Apparently not.)) and saw the news van driving away from TGI Fridays back to the studio! This is totally meant to be.

After that we talked about him like it was a foregone conclusion that we’d all soon be fast friends. “I bet Casey would think that’s funny.” “Casey would probably love to come to Galveston with us.” “Casey would never call me sweetheart.”

I don’t know how often reporters Google themselves (probably pretty often, right?), but Casey Claiborne, if you’re reading this, we totally want to hang out with you.

And to the young waiter who accompanied handing me my drink with a “Here you go, sweetheart”: No.


Amanda said...

So I totally just Googled him. {and might have looked him up on Facebook} LOL!

please tell me you contacted this guy? It was meant to be! DO IT! DO IT!

If he's the kind of guy you hope he is, he would be totally flattered.

I Double Dog Dare Ya!

{Now it was serious. A double dog dare! What else was there but a triple dare you? And then, the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple dog dare.}


Stevox said...

"Sweetheart" would be exceptable if he was 85. But he wasn't; he was a twenty-something with a lip piercing. Yikes.

I second the dare. I want to hang out with him. We need more theatre kids in our lives.

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, he grew up in Jacksonville!

Are we on E-Harmony or something? :-)

Go for it - what do you have to loose? To quote 'The Christmas Story', I triple dog dare you!

Brent said...

Val... you are so freaking cool! I AM your friend and somehow I want to be Chris Claiborne for the Val-etc's new-friend-love that he will undoubtably (please, Cosmos) receive. Me, you, same town someday. Please.