Thursday, September 20, 2007

And Yes, I too have a flute journal.

I thought that I should set the record straight and share my very own entries from the same trip that Val wrote about in her last entry. But after reading through my very enthralling notes, I determined not to bore the entire world with my geographic details. Apparently I had a wonderful time on that trip. I'm not sure why Valerie was so angry. What I did find was one entry from Colorado worth mentioning and an excellent mention of the start of another trip.

July 18, 1994

Today we traveled from Trinidad to Euray. Euray is beautiful. The mountain air is refreshing! We saw a lot of beautiful scenery. Tomorrow we aren't going jeeping. Instead I have no clue as to what we are doing. The town is so small, and quaint. Last night I was burning hot, tonight I will be hot. For dinner we had...HAM! Grandma Ann's favorite meal to fix. Every time we see her its HAM! I like ham but this is beginning to be a tradition! We, Gotta get some sleep. I'm extra tired.

March 11, 1995

Today we began the long trip to Georgia. The trip is long and annoying. Valerie and Clay constantly play and whine. Ann is completely silent. The phone constantly rings for Linda. It is usually Diana. The smell in Monroe, Louisiana is unbearable. We ate at Shonies. We have an 8 hour driver tomorrow. Maybe we will listen to more weird ghost stories. Oh Goodie.

(From the ghost story we heard - I can still remember the first three lines. It was a book on tape...I found the real lyrics on-line.)

'It was my mother who murdered me; It was my father who ate of me; It was my sister Marjory Who all my bones in pieces found; hem in a handkerchief she bound, And laid them under the almond tree. Kywitt, kywitt, kywitt, I cry, Oh what a beautiful bird am I!”

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Valerie said...

I will have to find my same journal entry for the Georgia trip to see if Clay and I were the only annoying ones....

Do you remember that crazy song that went with the ghost story?? This is all from memory:

My mother, she murdered me
My father, he ate me
But my loving sister Marjory
Put all my bones beneath a tree
And I came back to sing on high
Oh what a pretty bird am I
And I came back to sing on high
Oh what a pretty bird am I!

Jordan said...

Ha ha, my favorite part is "The smell in Monroe, Louisiana is unbearable." I hate Shoney's, or however it is spelled. But it's possibly better than Denny's.