Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yes, we have always been this loving

The following is transcribed from one of my old diaries. The cover has a flute and a rose on it.

July 17, 1994

Well, today was the biggest drive of my life. All the way from Dallas, TX to Trinidad, CO. We're really not staying in this crummy old place, we're really going to Ouray. We'll jeep in the mountains, and swim in a spring and all kinds of things to do. The trip here wasn't too bad. Clay cried and moaned. Ginger was grumpy, and so was Mom and Dad. Well it's time to say bye. Dad said to wrap it up. [here I drew a picture of a wrapped present]

July 18, 1994

Today we drive to Ouray. We just finished eating at Hardy's. We saw a valley a while ago. We have to cross over a mountain to get to Ouray. Clay's carsick, Ginger is grumpy, Dad won't talk, and Mom and I are fine. Before breakfast I was so hungry I tried a cold blueberry bagle. It tasted like Manna. We have about 4 hours and 45 minutes. I just got a cup of water. Boy does it taste good after haveing gum in my mouth for an hour. I'm really bored. Clay's being a dork. He's making weird noises. I can't wait to swim in the spring at Ouray. Ginger says classical music makes her carsick, I say Cartalk makes me carsick, and Dad says that's a bunch of bologna. We'll probably never get to the mountain we go over to get to Ouray. Well my hands getting tired.

July 19, 1994

Today we went on a hike to Box Cannon. Oh, I forgot to tell you, last night we arrived in Oura. Ginger's really getting on my nerves. The kind of madness you get when you throw shoes at the wall as hard as you can. [actually I remember she threw her shoes at the wall because she said she was hot-- and that made her really angry] I don't know why but Ginger can't stand being hot at night so last night she slept in the living room (we're staying in a condominiam). So tonight she opened the window. I wish I could write more but Mom says light's out. Goodbye.

July 20, 1994

Today we went jeeping in the Mountains. I got so cold. Tomorrow I'll bring more layers. I'm so tired. Earlier we were playing spoons and Ginger got out of the game. So she stood up and threw the cards everywhere. I said 'What's your problem?' 'Well I haven't lost one game. Got a problem with that?' 'Yes.' 'Well you're the most sore loser I know.' And she went out of the room red faced.

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*DC* said...

This is classic. I couldn't stop laughing at you and your little snarky self. :)