Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lest you think coming up with a name was easy….

Here’s a peek at a conversation we had while deciding what to call our blog.

Ginger: it could be "Pick a Lane"
Valerie: i think the title comes last
Ginger: or "Your skull is on my eye"
Valerie: and is not a weird
and disturbing
Ginger: lol
"I just lav it"
I just realized there was an interview going on in the office next to me
and I was laughing way to loud
Valerie: haha wow
you are 2 cool
4 school
Ginger: that could be it
2 Cool 4 School
cuz we are 2
and we are out of school
and stuff
Valerie: all true
tho i dont know about the 'cool
Ginger: 2 cute 2 4get
Valerie: HAHAHA
Ginger: "Good for a Laugh"
"New Mexico Sandwhich"
get it?
Valerie: .....
Ginger: Arizona...Texas...
what's in the middle?
Valerie: oh
thats funny!
Ginger: "New Mexico Two Step Sandwich"
Valerie: oh my
Ginger: lol
"Mac N Cheese"
Valerie: ha
you would be cheesey
Ginger: and you would...put your mac on?
Valerie: lol
Ginger: it would definately have cheese potential
Ginger: "If the pew fits"
Valerie: oh wow
Ginger: "Don't bite off more than you can chew...especially if it's corn on the cob"
"gargle...stop laughing...gargle"
"Who eats Babies?"
Valerie: what?!
Ginger: clay
Valerie: ooooh
let's call our blog "Who eats Babies?"
Ginger: lol
Valerie: good job
cut and print
Ginger: lol
"Steal Your Own"
"Reach for the stars"
Valerie: "I'll defend you as my friend cause Jesus calls me his friend too"
Ginger: "Yum em up."
Valerie: haha
Ginger: "Clay's the ROACH!"
it would be unique
to say the least
Ginger: what if we call it
or "Save trees - Blog"
"The gym has fungus."
"Laminated nametags"
"You forded the river"
"Laminated Ice Cream Cones"
Valerie: ok, you have officially gone off the deep end
Ginger: lo
anytime I see you type lol
it makes me lol
it's contagious
Valerie: ha
Ginger: are there shots for that?
the lolio virus
Here lies Janie, dead from lolio. Rip
"You shot 2 buffalo"
"Just a coke"
"The derby's been around forever"
"Inclement weather"
"And a pickle shooting train"
Valerie: you are going insane
i am sure of it
Ginger: "I don't hear you playing!"
"Clean laundry in the dirty clothes!!!"
Valerie: i am so worried about you right now
Ginger: i'm waiting for you to call one of them genuis
Valerie: yeah, you keep hoping
Ginger: "Many will meet their doom"
Valerie: lol
Ginger: come one!
we can do it
"Your skull is on my eye!"
Valerie: we dont even remember what that one is from!!
Ginger: "CLAY!"
how bout that
just clay
because we have a brother named clay
Valerie: ha
Ginger: and we are clay in the potters hand
Valerie: tales of 75074
Ginger: sounds so dramatic
Valerie: lol i know
Ginger: like an e true hollywood story or something
"Note to self"
"Be Right Back"
"What happened to Dr. Quinn?"
"Before the sun sets on the third day"
Valerie: okay, now you're just going crazy
Ginger: lol
Valerie: and i cant stop laughing
Ginger: ""Littlefoot and Sarah"
Valerie: "Sarcast-ulous"
Ginger: "Head butting for tree stars"
Valerie: OH MY GOSH
Ginger: lol
Valerie: you have problems
Ginger: sarcasti - no
Valerie: "Sarcasti-licious"
Sarcasti-headbutting dinosaurs
Ginger: lo
Valerie: how bout THAT
Ginger: l
"Oh My Goodness!"
"Lemon, lemon...sunshine in a cup"
we did have lemonaid stands
Valerie: lemonade
Ginger: "The lime and the coconut"
Valerie: which is which
Ginger: The liming coconut
"Say, that's swell"
82 to 84
final score
Valerie: ?
Ginger: 1982
Valerie: ooh
Ginger: 6 to 1/2 dozen of the other
Valerie: lol
nice twist
what does that even mean?
Ginger: lol
no clue
Valerie: :)
Ginger: Hola, mi llamo...
Hola, ,mi llamo Enry Iggins
Valerie: wow
Ginger: i'm trying
"The cha-cha church"
"Fireworks in the Shower"
probably not good
Valerie: HAHA
Ginger: now that I read that
Valerie: no
Ginger: lol
"We ALWAYS have ham"
get it because we ham it up
and we always have ham
"Not it"
"Pass the ketchup"
"Chew with your mouth closed"
"Trundle Bed"
"Now I lay me down to sleep"
"Get a real job":
Valerie: what are you even doing anymore?
Ginger: still sending ideas
Ginger: "Pair for the Course"
get it
Valerie: lol
this is going to be interesting...
Ginger: De-Caf with a side of Sarcasm
"Hi I'm sarcasm and this is my sister cynical..."
enjoy your meeting
going to get ready to film.
"Up, Up, WHOAH"
"Blue Scales"
Valerie: lol
have fun
Ginger: thanks
dark forest
What degree? 1,000!
"Come get your bear."
"Lord beer me strength"
Valerie: lol
Ginger: "Guys, it's ok. She didn't mean to steal the money."
Valerie: ok, now i really have to go
love it
Ginger: lol
Valerie: ok, talk to you later
and LOST tonight
Ginger: Get lost
Valerie: ha

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*DC* said...

Wow. At least now I get the "New Mexico Sandwich" joke. Right over my head, that one. :)

Also, a "peak" at your convo? Like a mountain? ;)